Friday Five | Week in the Life


Week in the Life is another project from Ali Edwards. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of hers and constantly find myself inspired by her projects. I haven’t done Week in the Life every year, but I did it alongside her this year, and I bought Ali’s kit for this project.

 Here’s a quick overview of the project. Take photos of things that happen during May 9-15 (not always this date), and then put them together with stories from the week in some type of project (always an album for me). I started working on the album a few weeks ago, and am finally wrapping it up. The album is 6 x 8.
As I’m finishing up my album, I realized something very important. I thought I took a lot of pictures and wrote a lot of journaling. I realized I could’ve taken so many more pictures and written so many more stories. I’m going back through my photos and selecting pictures for the end of day 6×8. I just don’t have the photos I thought I did. I might have to reuse some photos that are already in the album. I’m so frustrated with myself. I know I should be happy with the photos and stories I do have, but it’s hard.

Here are five things I want to remember the next time I do Week in the Life.

1. Include more pictures of Andy. How is it that I barely got any photos of him in this project?
2. Write more. Include more stories from the week. To prep, brainstorm ideas of stories I might want to tell before the week begins.
3. Include text directly on photos.
4. Take more notes throughout the day.
5. Look back at captions on Instagram and tweets for stories to tell.

Note to self: take more photos and write more words. I’m thinking about doing this project again in the Fall (maybe October?) so I can “redeem” myself a little. We’ll see.

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